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Friends and Fans

The following is from a fan of 707 and puts their music in perspective:

Thank you for the great 707 music! "I Could Be Good For You," in my view, is one of the two most underrated rock songs with the other being Shooting Star's "Last Chance." "I Could Be Good For You" is getting some good airplay on 101.1 FM here in the Phoenix area. I recently heard it played on two consecutive days, and that station plays a bit of it (along with short bits from two other classic rock songs) in a short promo they play several times a day proclaiming the station as a "Classic Rock Station."

I saw 707 in concert when you guys opened for REO Speedwagon at a stadium concert in Boulder, Colorado. It was quite a bill that day with the Scorpions, Rainbow, etc.

Best regards,
Tom Donohue
Phoenix, AZ


In the summer of 1982, St. Louis' Busch Stadium hosted Super Jam, featuring the bands, REO Speedwagon, Loverboy, .38 Special and Rainbow.

On this very hot summer day, a relatively unknown band kicked off the show with some hot guitar riffs and catchy lyrics that got the crowd into the show. A guitarist with hot pink pants and yellow shoes that a genie would wear, scooted across the stage with reckless abandon and the lead singer sang in a voice that could rival Steve Perry. Who was that band? It was definitely 707!

707's set included such great rock songs as "Megaforce", "We Will Last", "Rockin' Is Easy" and, of course, "I Could Be Good For You" and , when the set was over, the buzz in the air at Busch Stadium was, "Who are these guys?"

These guys were Jim McClarty (drums), Kevin Russell (lead guitar/vocals), Felix Robinson (bass) formerly with Angel, Tod Howarth (rhythm guitar/keyboards) and Kevin Chalfant (lead vocals).

After the performance at Super Jam, I purchased the album "Megaforce" which included such tunes as "We Will Last", "Hello Girl" and, of course, "Megaforce". Being 19 at the time, this record became my favorite.

To my amazement, about a month after Super Jam, 707 returned to an area night club, Stonehenge, and rocked a jam-packed crowd with one of the finest shows I have ever seen. The power was blown out twice during the show, which caused Kevin Russell to remark that they just might be too powerful for the place!

I waited for more 707 music to be released feeling that three albums were just not enough. But, much to my dismay, the only music that surfaced was Fortran, featuring Felix Robinson and Kevin Chalfant (playing several Illinois venues in the mid-1980s), Ace Frehley and Frehley's Comet featured Tod Howarth, and The Storm featuring Kevin Chalfant teamed with several ex-Journey members Greg Rolie, Ross Vallory and Steve Smith. This was great, since I knew it was Kevin Chalfant's dream to work with the members of Journey, but the question remained unanswered, "Where was Kevin Russell?" And, if you had ever seen 707 live, you knew that Kevin Russell was/is the heart of that band!

In December of 2000, I was overjoyed to find out that 707 had released a new album featuring Kevin Russell! To anyone who was ever a 707 fan, this was definitely the best Christmas present you could ask for!

Thank you, Kevin Russell!
Thank you, Bedrock Records!
Thank you, God, for bringing back 707!

This is all I ever wanted . . .

-Tony Castiller
Pacific, MO

P.S. Dear Radio People: Although "Don't Say You Love Me" is over six minutes long, I still believe it should be played on the air!

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